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Aneesa Alladin

Aneesa started with Yorkville Animal Hospital as a co-op placement.  We were all so impressed, that we convinced her to stay with us afterwards.  She was delighted, as she has always loved animals, and regularly volunteered at the Humane Society while she was growing up.

Born in Scarborough, Aneesa eventually escaped to the sunny shores of Fort Lauderdale, Florida where she grew up.  Eventually, the sweet Scarberian memories were too much for her, and she decided to move back.  She now lives with her three loving cats, Meeko, Oscar and Smokey.  When away from her babies, she gets her fix by spending extra time playing with and caring for all the kittens in our kitten adoption program.

Aneesa is a bit of a wild woman, and enjoys living the biker chick lifestyle with her fiancé. She loves being surrounded by music and nature.  Once upon a time, Aneesa could be caught singing for hours.  Nowadays, she is mostly looking forward to her next big trip around the world.  As of yet, she has not promised to take Dr. Gignac with her.