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Why does it cost so much to provide veterinary care for my pet?

The fees you pay for veterinary services take into consideration a number of factors, including the costs to compensate your veterinarian and veterinary team for their professional services and the expenses involved in maintaining the hospital and equipment. When someone decides to adopt a pet, he or she needs to be prepared to include annual veterinary care in the overall cost of owning the pet.

Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, pets are living longer, which means you may be spending more over the lifetime of your pet.  Certain advanced procedures may come at a higher cost, but as the owner, you decide the level of care you want to provide your pet.

In Canada, we are blessed with free medical care for ourselves.  As a result, most people have little concept of the cost involved in providing quality healthcare. Unfortunately, it can be expensive.  We are very happy to provide you with an estimates of your pet’s procedures before they occur, so you have an idea of the costs involved.  We will always recommend the very best for your pet, but if cost is an issue, then please be honest with us and let us know.  Together, we can try to come up with a less costly alternative that has the greatest chance of helping your little friend.