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Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft tissue surgery is a very general term used to describe any surgery not having to do with bones. Dr. Gignac is experienced at (and quite enjoys) performing many different and varied surgical procedures encompassing all parts of the body.

A cystotomy, or bladder surgery, is one common example. Dogs and cats often just love to produce bladder stones. These stones can cause pain, bleeding and infection, and are usually easily removed surgically.

Another common type of surgery is a lumpectomy, which is exactly what it sounds like — removal of a lump. As dogs and cats age, they often begin to form lumps and bumps over their skin. Most of these masses are benign and not dangerous, but they can be annoying to the pet or the owner, and are often surgically removed. If any lump looks suspicious, it is removed or biopsied to ensure that it is not dangerous.

Sometimes doggies and kitties are naughty and swallow things that they shouldn’t. These foreign bodies can become lodged in the gastro-intestinal tract, causing the pet to become extremely ill. Surgical removal of the offending object must be accomplished as quickly as possible, before further damage has occurred. Dr. Gignac has personally removed coins, tinsel, peach pits, corn cobs, tampons, and one purple dinosaur from the insides of his patients.

It would be impossible to list all of the other types of soft tissue surgeries available. If your pet does end up needing surgery, we will do everything we can to make things as smooth and painless as possible — both for you and for your pet.