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Clayton Labbe

Clayton started working for Yorkville Animal Hospital in September 2011 as an animal care assistant, and has since expanded his horizons to help us out on the front desk from time to time.  Clayton was born and raised way up in North Bay, where he still goes occasionally to visit his family.  He left for life in the big city to attend the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, where he graduated in 2002.

As an accomplished professional actor who has starred in theatre productions across Canada, Clayton is a triple threat: he can sing, dance and act, all while restraining a dog that’s having his anal sacs squeezed out.  Dr. Gignac has had the pleasure of hearing him perform a number of times, and he’s pretty amazing, let me tell you.  He is perhaps most recognized as the guy who flips a loonie in the air while walking in breathtaking slow motion in a Tim Horton’s commercial.

Clayton is destined to grow up to become a crazy cat lady.  He has always had a special fondness for felines, and is currently the proud daddy of a boisterous and very handsome orange tabby named Haku, and a rambunctious but affectionate kitten named Sookie Nights.  He is also the official godfather of Dr. Gignac’s kitty, Biner (who, if you remember from Dr. Gignac’s bio, is the cutest kitty in the whole world).

Oh, and he can also see ghosts, which is kinda cool and creepy at the same time.  So far nothing at Yorkville Animal Hospital, we are very relieved to report.