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Feline Senior Outdoor Wellness Plan

Our Senior Outdoor Wellness Plan is for outdoor cats, 7 years and older.  Look at what our Feline Senior Wellness Plan for outdoor cats includes:

  • Semi-annual complete physical examination (every six months)

  • All necessary vaccinations (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, Feline Leukemia Virus and Rabies)

  • Senior wellness blood testing

    • complete blood count

    • extensive senior biochemical tests to check organ function and decline

    • thyroid testing to check for hyperthyroidism

  • Complete urinalysis

  • Viral blood testing for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (Feline AIDS)

  • Blood pressure measurement

  • Fecal testing for parasites

  • Flea prevention*

  • Complete professional dental cleaning**

  • 10% discount compared to regular retail costs

  • 10% discount on all food sales

  • Unlimited free office exams

All of this for only $190.94 + HST per month!

*6 month supply
*Includes hospitalization, anaesthesia, IV fluids, dental Xrays, dental scaling and polishing. Periodontal treatment, extractions or additional dental procedures at additional cost.